What does a successful business look like? The unicorns turning over billions of pounds overnight, expanding worldwide, high-tech growth?

All of that is brilliant, but it doesn’t reflect the majority of the business population in the UK. The majority of businesses in the UK are SMEs. Those SMEs account for three-fifths of the employment in the UK and half the turnover for the whole of the UK.

To us, a successful business is about making a positive impact every step of the way. This philosophy drives us to support and empower small businesses, recognising their crucial role in driving economic growth and creating vibrant communities.

Our journey at The Future Smiths began with a simple desire: to help people.

As co-founders, we – Duncan and Simone – may seem like an unlikely pair. One, a 50-something with an extensive corporate career, two adult children, a love for rock music and the outdoors. The other, a 20-something with a much shorter career, no kids, a love of house music, and all things glam. (We’ll leave it up to you to decipher who is who)

Yet, one of the many things that bring us together and drive us forward is our shared passion for making a difference.  

Over the past 4 years, independent from The Future Smiths, we have proudly supported over 300 businesses. We know the value we bring to the small businesses we support, and so The Future Smiths was born.

We recognise that every business is unique. We don't try to fit them into a rigid framework; instead, we offer friendly, approachable, and understandable support tailored to their individual needs.

Our mission is clear: to strengthen local economies by empowering small businesses. We believe in businesses that reflect the diversity of society and strive to instill confidence in everyday people to pursue their dreams.

We believe that every business, regardless of size or background, deserves access to the support and resources needed to succeed. By helping businesses thrive, we not only contribute to economic growth but also foster a more inclusive and equitable society.

In line with our commitment to inclusion, we offer a range of free to access programmes, workshops, and resources, all funded through the surplus we generate. This ensures that financial constraints never hinder access to the support and guidance necessary for business success. 

At The Future Smiths, we understand that true success comes from lifting others up and creating opportunities for all. Through our inclusive approach, we strive to build a stronger, more resilient business community that reflects the diversity of society and enables everyone to achieve their goals. 

Join us in empowering individuals and businesses to shape their own future. 

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