Celebrating the Success of Cohort 4 of The Forge

the forge Nov 01, 2023

The Forge

A new chapter has unfolded for 14 diverse individuals who came together as Cohort 4 of The Forge. The Forge served as the arena for their transformation, and in September, they stood on the edge of a new beginning, having completed the first Forge cohort run by Future Smiths since its launch in July 2023.

Cohort 4 Journey

Cohort 4 is a testament to the power of entrepreneurship, innovation, and personal growth. We welcomed a broad spectrum of talents, ranging from marketing wizards to combat training experts, personal assistants to catering connoisseurs, and even estate agents. This diversity was a hallmark of the cohort and played a pivotal role in shaping their journey.

Individual Achievements

Each member of the cohort embraced the challenge and honed their skills, turning their diverse backgrounds into strengths.

For instance, Gareth, an electrical contractor, underwent a transformative shift in mindset, honing his strategic thinking. This transformation enabled him to achieve a remarkable feat, doubling his turnover within the duration of the course.

In a different sector, Paula, an estate agent with over 20 years of experience, blossomed in confidence and discovered a new passion for innovative approaches to real estate. This newfound lease of confidence not only transformed her professional journey but also had a significant impact on her sales performance.

These are just a couple of examples of the outstanding achievements of the cohort's individual members, each of whom brought their unique skills to the table.

Group Achievements

The cohort enthusiastically participated in a skill-sharing initiative where each member expressed their willingness to assist others and actively sought out those in need of support. This collaborative spirit of the group extended beyond individual accomplishments, leading to the creation of several noteworthy projects that showcased their collective strength.

The Future Smiths' Inaugural Run

This cohort holds a unique distinction in being the first Forge cohort run by Future Smiths since its launch in July 2023. It is a testament to the commitment of both our participants and organisers to the pursuit of excellence and innovation. We are proud to have witnessed the remarkable journey of Cohort 4, and we eagerly anticipate the positive impact they will continue to make in their respective fields.

The Forge, under the guidance of Future Smiths, remains dedicated to nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit and fostering innovation, and Cohort 4's achievements serve as a shining example of the programme's potential to transform lives and communities.


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