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education the forge Feb 03, 2024

In the world of electrical contracting, there are innovators who are redefining the industry by placing core values at the heart of their work. Meet Gareth, the visionary behind Core7, a Swindon-based electrical contracting company. Driven by a commitment to service, innovation, quality, and safety, Gareth's journey is one of bringing a fresh perspective to electrical contracting, fire safety, and facilities management in the Swindon area.

The story of Core7 begins with Gareth's desire to revolutionise the construction industry and offer a superior customer experience. Gareth was keenly aware of the industry's challenges, with many companies lacking transparency and integrity. He aimed to break this mould by creating a trusted company that would prioritise client needs and offer honest solutions tailored to each project.

Gareth shared, "I have always been really interested in construction and felt that I could offer a better customer experience. I felt the industry was oversaturated with companies resistant to change, not really offering solutions for clients, just using their industry knowledge to confuse the clients into parting with money. I have never wanted to be a part of that; it's against my personal values. I wanted to create a trusted company that is honest with integrity, only offering solutions that are right for the client."

At the heart of Core7's success is its commitment to exceptional service. Gareth understood that effective communication and customer satisfaction are paramount to building lasting relationships. To achieve this, the company has embraced modern technology and software tools to streamline processes and ensure a seamless experience for clients.

Gareth elaborated, "We have utilised project and staff management software, which helps us create a clear schedule of what we have booked for the client. They can contact us to change the booking, leave feedback, and even see any photos or notes we make as we carry out the works. This is always backed up by our clients being able to call us and talk to someone straight away, to discuss any queries or changes."

This emphasis on real-time communication and personalised interaction sets Core7 apart in an industry often dominated by impersonal processes. By maintaining a direct line of communication, Gareth ensures that clients are not only satisfied but also actively engaged in the project's progression.

Innovation is a cornerstone of Core7's approach. Gareth recognised that staying ahead of technological advancements is crucial for the company's longevity and relevance. One area where innovation has been impactful is in the installation of commercial electric vehicle charge points. By implementing a back-office function, Core7 ensures the continuous health and availability of these charge points, providing a more effective and lasting solution for clients.

Gareth shared an example, "We frequently install commercial electric vehicle charge points, and recently, for Swindon Borough Council, we implemented a back-office function. This allows us to monitor the health of their EV charge points, ensuring they are always operational and available, with any faults identified remotely as quickly as possible."

This commitment to embracing technology in a practical and client-centric manner exemplifies Core7's dedication to offering solutions that meet both immediate needs and long-term goals. By staying informed and adaptable, Core7 not only addresses today's challenges but also prepares for tomorrow's opportunities.

Gareth's journey as the founder of Core7 shines a light on the potential of infusing core values into a specialised field. His dedication to service, innovation, quality, and safety is not only reshaping electrical contracting in the Swindon area but also setting a standard for the broader industry.

Gareth's vision is clear: "My vision is to bring trust back to the construction industry, with reliable people, doing great things, to give people the service they deserve, and our team enjoying what they do, with pride."

As the industry witnesses Gareth's relentless commitment to these core values, Core7 emerges as a beacon of change, igniting excellence, innovation, and integrity in the world of electrical contracting and beyond. In an industry often characterised by opacity, Gareth's Core7 stands as a shining example of what can be achieved when core values are put at the forefront, promising a brighter and more trustworthy future for clients and contractors alike.

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