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Shaping the Future of Rail Innovation in the South West

events Oct 31, 2023

 Swindon Tracks The Future

At The Future Smiths, we take pride in championing the most creative minds in Swindon and Wiltshire. As an emerging player in the region, we are committed to connecting these innovative thinkers with the industry's most influential figures.

Last week, a milestone event that promises to redefine the future of rail innovation in the South West unfolded in Swindon. This event, led by the Western Gateway in partnership with D2 Rail and The Future Smiths, marked a significant step forward in the implementation of the Western Gateway 2050 Rail Vision.

Uniting for Progress

The inaugural event was a platform where innovators and decision-makers converged to discuss ways to improve rail infrastructure and cost efficiency in the area.

"We have the pleasure of working with some of the most creative minds in Swindon and Wiltshire. I really see ourselves as champions of what they do," said Simone Ward-Baptiste, Co-Founder of The Future Smiths. "As part of that work, we’re keen to connect them to the people that matter most in their sector. That’s why it’s important that we host events like the Rail Innovation Series, alongside partners like D2 Rail and The Western Gateway."

Client-Centric Approach

Our dedication to serving our clients' interests was showcased by our active participation in this event. We were privileged to stand alongside influential figures in the industry, including Frank Anatole, Principal Architect of Network Rail, Deputy Director of the Western Gateway James Cooke, as well as representatives from Innovate UK and Transport for Wales. Local Member of Parliament, the Rt Hon Sir Robert Buckland, also joined us and underscored the critical role of an efficient rail system in achieving environmental goals and enhancing productivity.

"I was delighted to attend this exciting event. It really highlighted the importance of collaborative working and the benefits of bringing together industry and decision-makers to create delivery opportunities," Sir Robert Buckland stated. "A fully functioning and efficient rail system is essential if we are to reach our carbon emission targets and improve our below-average productivity, and this has been the focus of the Western Gateway Rail Vision 2050."

Our Commitment to the Community

Dan Smith, Head of Engineering at D2 Rail and a vital member of our team, shared his personal perspective:

"D2 Rail provides project management services for major infrastructure projects, and for a company like ours, building a team in Swindon to facilitate our growth was the natural choice. As someone who grew up here, I also know the challenges and the opportunities of the area. It’s great to see the Knowledge Quarter getting the regeneration it deserves and to see the area start to come to life again. This evening’s event was all about bringing together a community of designers, manufacturers, and suppliers so we can all work together to understand the vision for the Western Gateway and how we can support it."

A Glimpse into the Future

Deputy Director of the Western Gateway, James Cooke, reiterated the commitment to cost-effective delivery and high-quality design standards. The event coincided with the formal endorsement of the Global Centre for Rail Excellence Vision, demonstrating the organisation's determination to propel its vision forward.

The Future Smiths is proud to have been an integral part of this event that will shape the future of rail innovation in the South West. We remain dedicated to our clients and the community, and we're excited to continue playing a role in the evolution of rail transportation in the region.

Local Businesses Fuelling the Event

We are passionate about supporting local businesses. That's why, for this event, we decided to turn to the experts within our own neighbourhood.

Naturally Social for PR: Naturally Social was instrumental in helping us spread the word about our event. Their expertise in communication and media outreach played a vital role in ensuring that our event reached the right audience and generated the attention it deserved.

Create Studios for Photography and Videography: Create Studios, another gem from our local talent pool, captured the essence of the event through their exceptional photography and videography. Their visual storytelling helped us preserve the memorable moments and share them with our audience.

Cotswold Cooks for Catering: Good food is an integral part of any successful gathering, and Cotswold Cooks delivered on that front. With their delectable catering, our attendees were not only treated to inspiring discussions but also a culinary experience that left a lasting impression.

Supporting local businesses isn't just a gesture for us; it's a philosophy. We believe that nurturing and collaborating with the talents in our community is essential for mutual growth. It's about more than just business; it's about building a strong, supportive network that benefits everyone involved.

Stay connected with us for more updates and developments as we continue to empower businesses to shape their own future.

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